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What is Xana's Palace (XP)?
Xana's Palace or "XP" is a female owned and operated foot worship organization founded in 2009 which staffs 100's of Phoenix, Arizona's most beautiful women! Registered subscribers of Xana's Palace can book daily sessions at our private locations around the Valley. All foot fans are welcome to attend quarterly foot parties at our private locations without a subscription, however all attendees must prepay in advance (we do not accept cash at the door for parties) to attned the party. XP caters to the most enthusiastic foot fanatics who have that insatiable craving for beautiful feet. We welcome new comers and experienced foot fans alike to join the foot action we have on a daily basis! Our ladies all share a common passion to have their feet worshiped, admired, massages, sniffed, kissed etc... with so many different models to choose from, you will be in heaven here at XP!

Is XP right for me?
If you say yes to any of the following...than Xana's Palace is defiantly right for you!
-Do you find yourself day dreaming about being at the foot of a beautiful foot Goddess, spending time underneath her smooth, sensual feet?
-When you're out in public do you often glance down admiring women's exposed pedicured toes?
-Do you want to be surrounded by beautiful, intelligent, classy women who understand your foot fetish and want to have their feet worshiped?

You'll feel right at home at XP! Xana and her gorgeous female staff will quickly and discretely welcome you to the next foot party or members can book daily sessions 8am-8pm at our various Valley locations.

Do I have to be a member to book a foot worship session with your models?
Yes. We will not expidite your booking request until you are a current member with us. Our members are top priority so until you join, we are busy catering to our paid members. We aren't asking for you to pay in advance for your booking. Even the 1-month membership will open your booking privileges which also gets you access to 10's of thousands of high quality foot fetish photos and HD videos. Please understand without a current membership, we can't put our models or hostess' time and energy in jeoprdy. We work extremely hard to make our service unique for each booking AND the preferred time you request is reserved at our Palace exclusivly for you. So join to unlock your booking privileges today.

Can I pay for my membership in person at my booking?
No. We will not expidite your booking request until you are a current member with us.

I just want to book one session, can I try it out without a subscription?
You're welcome to do the 1-month membership which automatically cancels in 30 days. Your booking privileges open for your "one booking" and you gain access to 10's of thousands of high quality foot fetish photos and HD videos for the whole month.

What are normal biz hours?
XP is open and booking 8am-8pm DAILY 365. Afterhour is considered after 9pm daily.

Do I have to be a member to attend a foot party?
No. You're not required to be a XP member in order to attend parties, just prepay online at our Foot Parties page to attend. Your place will be guranteed at the party and two models will meet you at the door so you can walk in surrounded by beautiful women.

What does a membership cost?
1- Month (non-recurring) = $28.95
4- Months (non-recurring) = $64.95
Monthly (recurring) = $28.95 for the 1st month and $24.95 every 30 days thereafter

Does a booking cost extra after the membership fee?
Yes and the booking rates are listed below..

What are the booking rates?
$100/ half hr. $180/ full hr. Per model. After hours fees start at an additional $50. There could be additional charges on certain Holidays. Parties go $20 per 10 minutes.

Can I pay online with a cc for a session booking?
You can pay in advance using our "Pay for Your Session" module, found on the Home page of this site. Otherwise, cash is due upon arrival at your session.

What will the charge say on my credit card statement?
"MD" for "Minds Divine".

Will I see any other guys around if I book a private session with a model?
No. We are female owned and operated. A female model will greet you at the door and host your session. No other guys allowed during the time of your session.

Can I book multiple models?
Yes, as many as you like.

What is allowed at a session or party?
We allow all forms of foot fetish, foot and leg worship, foot massage, tickle, trample, smother, sniffing, etc... And we are happy to take requests with advance notice prior to bookings or parties.

We DO NOT allow any nudity what-so-ever. There is NO sexual behavior allowed what-so-ever. There is no dis-robing of any kind allowed other than removal of footwear and socks. Participants are required to keep their composure at all times during sessions/parties. We DO NOT partake in any sexual activity of any kind. Sexual activity including but not limited to self touching is NOT allowed during sessions or parties. Any solicitation will result in permanent removal from XP privileges.

Is XP a legal service?
Yes. We abide by all state and US laws. All models who participate are 18+ years of age with valid state or government issued picture ID on file.

Is this a discrete service?
Yes. Everyone's privacy is priority. Your information will never be shared with ANYONE. You will only be contacted privetly, if you request it.. and it will be returned via the method you made/requested it.

How do I call a model if I want a session?
It's strictly prohibited to exchange contact info with any XP models. After submitting a booking form, Xana and her trusted staff will expedite your requests to and from models in a timely fashion during biz hours and follow up with you asap.

What kinds of things can I request during a session?
Some of the most popular requests have been...
-a certain toe nail color
-naturally pungent feet
-spotless clean feet
-foot wear
-foot jewelry
-themed outfits (ie: biz outfit, gym attire, shorts or a classy dress)

All requests are considered so long as they do not fall outside of the rules set forth. Allow advance notice so your requests can be prepared in advance.

How much notice should I give when booking?
Please allow as much time as possible when booking so that the model of your choice can be contacted. However, short notice bookings are also accepted and some models are available even last minute. We may also have some models working on location each day. If you book short notice (same day) we ask that you understand if a model is unavailable.

Which models are Xana's personal recommendations?
The models listed on the SESSION MODELS page are Xana's personal recommendations and the models who are most actively available on a day to day basis. Other models may also be available upon request.

What is the appropriate attire at XP?
XP is a classy environment. We are also a NO-judgement zone so feel free to dress casual to formal. Parties usually follow a certain theme and guys are welcome to participate in the theme or please wear collar shirts and dress shoes to parties.

Are the sessions private or semi private?
If you book a private session, the session will be in a private room at one of our private locations. You will have the duration of your session uninterrupted with the model(s) of choice behind closed doors. At parties there will be several other party goers, models and staff all mingling in the main areas socializing. There will be several private or semi private session areas available for shorter 10 min sessions intervals to take place.

Where should I park once I arrive?
Ample parking is available at all of our locations. House locations (Mesa/Phoenix) park on the correct side of the street, not in red zones. Condo locations (North Scottsdale) park on the street or uncovered parking with NO printed number on pavement.

When I arrive should I walk right in or knock/ ring bell?
You're welcome to knock on our doors or ring the bell where available. Your model or hostess will welcome you in.

Do I need to bring proof of membership or ID?
No, neither is necessary. Prior to every session, we will confirm a current membership for you. Once you arrive, your model of choice or hostess will be eagerly expecting you.

Does XP have locations or models outside of Arizona?
No, not at this time. We do consider allowing members that have been part of XP for 1+ months, to book sessions at their own (pre-approved by Xana) locations. Members must maintain an A+ standing with Xana to be allowed for this consideration.

What is a session like, once I arrive what happens?
After you are welcomed inside the Palace, you will be offered water and payment will be received. Please have exact change. Tips are welcomed but not mandatory. If you would like to tip the model, please hand it directly to the model(s) before during or after the session. You will be walked to your session room by the model and/or hostess and you can start your session promtly. You can make yourself at home and enjoy your session!

Members - Submit a Session Form. Member's will also get access to Xana's personal phone line.

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