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What is Xana's Palace (XP)?
Xana's Palace (XP) is a unique female owned and operated foot worship organization founded in 2009 which staffs 100's of Phoenix, AZ's most beautiful women for daily worship sessions, photo/video opportunities and live cam work! What makes us differnet is that our members can book daily sessions at our private locations around the Valley to massage the feet of our Goddesses. All foot fans are welcome to attend quarterly foot parties at our exclusive locations. Models have opportuities such as selling worn shoes, worn socks, paid sessions and to work from home doing live cam modeling. XP caters to the most enthusiastic foot fanatics who have that insatiable craving for beautiful feet. We welcome new-comers and experienced fans alike to join the fun we have on a daily basis. Our ladies all share a common passion to be a Goddess and some even want to have their feet worshiped, admired, massages, sniffed and kissed! With so many different models to choose from and ways to interact with our real-life Goddesses, our paying customers are in heaven here at XP!

Is XP right for me?
If you're a model type and say yes to any of the following... than we welcome you to apply to become a model for Minds Divine Models - XP's exclusive modeling agency!
-Do you want to be portrayed as a beautiful Goddess and have men at your feet worshipping the ground that you walk on?
-Would you like to be paid to get your feet worshipped, massaged, admired and gain on-going work, starring in videos, live webcam and/or live sessions?
-Do you love to keep your feet perfectly pedicurred with sexy, soft soles and pretty painted toes?
-Do you stay in shape, look great and have a healthy routine that men admire?
-Do you want to be surrounded by other beautiful, intelligent, classy women who are independent and building their own modeling empire?

Once you have submitted a model APPLICATION, look for an email with further instructions.

If you get an approval email, we will invite you to one of our Minds Divine Modeling Studios where photo and video cips will be shot to be reviewed by our marketing specialists. An approved application does not guarantee you will be choosen as a model for paid work. All photos and videos samples that we take are the property of MDM and XP and we will use them as we see fit for promotion or re-sale to recover costs associated with gathering your imagery. We also reserve the right to put them where ever we choose and all photos and video content is non-removable. If you are applying to be a webcam model and/or for administration work: most of the live session info will not apply however, please continue to read so you know how our photo/video approval process works.

Do I have to be a registered model to attend a foot party?
Yes. We do not invite unregistered models to our locations until they have been registered and have test photos taken by an XP photographer. Webcam models are allowed to submit their own photos via email, once registered.

Can I choose what type of model I want to be?
Yes, we respect all limits and will place you with the type of work that you have expressd interest in only.

What is allowed at a session or party?
We allow all forms of foot fetish, leg worship (touching below the knee only), foot massage, tickle, trample, foot smother, sniffing, nylon/sock worship, boot fetish, foot kissing, sole licking, heel worship, lite fem dom, sneaker smelling, foot slave training etc...

We do NOT allow any nudity what-so-ever druing parties or daily sessions. There is NO sexual behavior allowed what-so-ever. There is no dis-robing of any kind allowed other than removal of footwear and socks. Participants are required to keep their composure at all times during sessions/parties. We DO NOT partake in any sexual activity of any kind. Sexual activity including but not limited to self touching is NOT allowed during sessions or parties. Any solicitation will result in permanent removal from XP privileges.

Is XP a legal service?
Yes. We abide by all state and US laws. All model participates are 18+ years of age with valid state or gov issued picture ID on file. Clients are also required to be at least 18 years of age. Party attendees are required to be at least 21 years of age.

Is this a discrete service?
Yes. Everyone's privacy is top priority. Your information will never be shared with ANYONE except the info you give for use to promote you with. Once we post your stage name on our site, we do not allow name changes EVER. Your stage name is how everyone will address you. Your stage name is the only info you should ever give out to other models and/or clients.

Will clients contact me personally?
No, it's strictly prohibited to exchange contact info with XP clients. After a client requests you for any work type or if we invite you for paid video work, we will correspond requests to and from you in a timely fashion. We require all models to reply to correspondences within 1 hour to avoid a strike penalty.

What are normal biz hours?
XP is open and booking 8am-8pm DAILY 365. Our webcam site is open 24/7 365!

What are the modeling rates?
After initial test photos/videos and activation, models are offered $60- $120/hr depending on the type of work. Webcam models start at $1/minute (rates are adjustable), plus tips and bonuses. You keep 100% of that. We never take a percentage from your cam pay. At parties we require each model to pay a house fee if she attends and makes money at the event. Our house fees never exceed $20/ each model per event.

Will I be guaranteed to be paid at booking events and/or party?
There is no guarantee that you will make money at a promotional event or booking party. We have invited paying members and it's up to you to promote yourself in a friendly manner which would intice clients to take you to a paid session. Models are given every oportunity to be successful with us in all areas. Training is provided in an environment where you'll be making money while learning. It's up to you ask questions, keep up to date with our site events, policies and attend parties and sessions as much as possible to continue to learn and advance as a model.

Will I be guaranteed to be paid at daily bookings or a full or half days work if invited by MDM?
Yes. The pay will be determined based on your model level and the session/work type. The model payout will be disclosed with you ahead of time. It ranges from $60-$120/hr depending on the type of work requested. The rates are non-negotiabe and we hold the right to refuse to work with a model for any reason, including but not limited to the following: if he/she does not show up on time (15 min early), if not prepared, if her additude is poor or if she is not in optimal physical shape for the shoot. We reserve the right to revoke your XP position with us at any time, for any reason, without notice.

What kinds of things get requested during daily sessions?
Some of the most popular requests have been...
-a certain toe nail color
-naturally pungent feet
-spotless clean feet
-foot wear
-foot jewelry
-themed outfits (ie: biz outfit, gym attire, shorts or a classy dress)

All requests are considered as long as they do not fall outside of the rules set forth. Advance notice from clients is encouraged however, some clients need to book on short notice so it's recommended to keep your pedicures fresh at all times.

What should I do/say OR not do/say during a session or party?
Our environments are very classy and inviting so normal, comfortable conversation and socializing is encouraged. Sparking conversation with clients like how they came to find XP and or how long they have been a member with XP is a good place to start. Avoid negative conversation at all costs. Do not reveal anyones pesonal information. Do not talk badly about the biz or anyone involved in our biz. A positive additude is required at XP at all times. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave XP for any reason at any time.

How much notice will I be given when booked for a daily session?
We will always contact you immediately when we get a request for paid work. Whether you can or can't accept the request, you are required to corresponde back immediately, within 1 hour. If we do not hear back from you immediately we may move on and invite the next model requested. If we do not hear back from you within 1 hour, your XP priveledges will be temporarily disabled.

Will there be more work when I arrive for a single booking?
We may be able to get you additional work back-to-back the same day however, we do not guarantee it everytime. Most scheduled video shoots will be a full or half days work.

How will I be paid?
We pay cash on the spot, Direct Deposit or Paypal. Cash will always be on the spot. The other methods will be before the end of the biz day in most cases. Webcam payout pay every 14 days.

What is the appropriate attire at XP?
Business casual unless otherwise specified.

Are the sessions private or semi private and will anyone else be around?
Daily sessions take place in your choice of rooms at our private locations which are all clean, private and cozy. You will have the duration of your session uninterrupted behind closed doors. At a daily session, the hostess will welcome you in and you will meet the client and promptly go to your session room. At parties there will be several other party goers, models and staff all mingling in the main areas socializing. There will be several private or semi private session areas available for shorter 10 min sessions intervals to take place. XP will always conduct biz in clean, controlled, luxurious environments with safety and discretion in mind.

Where should I park once I arrive?
Ample parking is available at all of our locations. House locations (Mesa/Phoenix) park on the correct side of the street, not in red zones. Condo locations (North Scottsdale) park on the street or uncovered parking with NO printed number on pavement.

When I arrive should I walk right in or knock/ ring bell?
You're welcome to knock on our doors or ring the bell where available. Your hostess will welcome you in.

Do I need to bring proof of ID?
Yes, a valid state or gov picture ID is always required for models.

Does XP have locations outside of Arizona?
No not as this time.

If you understand, accept and agree to our above terms and policies submit an APPLICATION here.

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