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Hayden     20, 5'6, 7 INACTIVE
Hello I'm Hayden. Apparently you liked my sample pics enough to read my bio LOL. I'm a student and a hostess. I love my job however, I'm on my poor feet a lot. I like working out when I get the chance. I guess it's a good thing my feet always sweat a lot and get really good n stinky. I always used to think it was gross. My feet love the attention so it's defiantly a good thing I found XP. When I think of feet, I will forever think of Xana telling me how sexy it is that they get hot, wet and sweaty when I exercise. Never knew it was such a turn on. Hehe Do you also think they are sexy when hot and moist from being on them all day? Tell me what you think in person at our session booking. I'm ready to tell you more about what I like too.
Your new foot princess Hayden :)

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