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Welcome to Xana's Palace! XP is an elite site featuring my hottest real-life girlfriends! We're an unstoppable group of models & girl-next-door types, 18-30 yr olds who all have a common passion for foot fetish! This site embodies female independence and celebrates the beauty and elegance of the female foot. You're not going to find this total package anywhere else.


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Shannon     26, 5'10", 10
Hello foot world. It's nice to be featured on XP. I always get compliments that my toes and feet are very pretty. I work in sales so I am on them often, in heels and sometimes pantyhose as well. If you have any special requests regarding type of shoes and or socks lmk. I love playing dress-up and keeping my feet in top condition; always ready for a session. I have larger size 10 feet so there's lots to worship. Are you ready for me foot boy?
Your foot doll, Shannon
Aurora, Marina, Xana, May, Evie     Meet us all at the next party April 19th - 15 + models attending!!!
We had an amazing turn out at our Booking Party 3.27! 3 new models came thru to join the XP team and we got some great new shots and custom videos shot and a few bookings took place. We are doing mid-week booking parties once a week for any of you guys that would like to try out a foot session with a beautiful model of choice. You're welcome to join the party.. walk in's welcome! Anyone new to foot sessions, just give me a call, I will answer any questions you have and book an appointment with the right girl for YOU! No membership required. Come try out a session at XanasPalace and join our monthly foot parties and weekly booking parties. Or if you're ready to go all out, you can book a DAILY Session, ANY day 10am-midnight with any of our active models. Click MODEL SEARCH and select the filter ACTIVE, to see who available RIGHT NOW!!! Call me and I will put together the session of your dreams, quickly and discretely and procide you with the address to our beautiful Studio Palace. Can wait for you to meet meet all my gorgeous girls. I'm ready and waiting for your call. Xana - Booking specialist: 480-331-9262
Love, All the girls of XP
Aurora     24, 5'4, 8
Hello Xp foot guys! I'm sooo excited to be here! Waitressing is not nearly as much fun as hanging out at XP so request me soon so I can call out of work and meet up with you at the palace. If you haven't had the pleasure of a foot session, than its about time to book your first one with ME! I know you will have the tiem opf your life, weather you book a half hour or full hour, it's gonna be the best time you've had in a while. Let's put a custom booking together that incoorporates all of your fantasies and make it a day to remember... I'm ready for you!!!
Muah, Aurora
Aristta     26, 5'4, 7.5
Hi All, I'm Aristta. I always keep my pretty toenails polished and soles well prepared so when I came across an opportunity to be a foot model on Xana's team, I jumped at the chance! The parties are so much fun, hope to see some more of you guys joining our unique group. Book me for sessions soon, cant wait to meet you in person!
Love, Princess Aristta
Fae     25, 5'7", 10
Welcome all foot fans to my XP page. I have a really good understanding of fetish and truly enjoy foot and leg worship. I'm a model and live a fetishist lifestyle. I love attending fetish and comicons. You will find me playing most any part as long as it is artistic and edgy, fierce and femm fatale. I consider myself a dominant female that knows what she wants and can and will stop at nothing to get it. I also consider myself a spiritual individual with unique attributes. You should book me for a sessions and come find out the many more depth to me. Thanks for visiting my tour page and hope to get to meet on the inside at XP.
Winks, Miss Fae
Felicia     20, 5'0", 5
Hi there foot lovers out there! My tiny size 5 feet are waiting for you. LOL I'd love to be your girl next door type and make those foot fantasies a reality. Yaayy!! How cool is it that you can meet me at Xana's Palace, 10am-midnight, daily and book a 1 on 1 private session? Or you can order my socks and get them delivered right to your door... I cant wait to fill my first order!! LMK if there's anything special you'd like and I will be happy to make em custom just for YOU!!!
Your girl next door, Felicia
Augustina     29, 5'8, 8.5
Good times at the XP Foot Parties! I'm Augustina, your new Goddess who you will be booking for your next session! :) I am a pretty demanding girl, I like to get my way and I think that you will happily oblige if you know what's good for you. I can be very sweet and submissive as well however, I tend to take lead and will gladly control you as my loyal foot boy when needed. Lets just say I will make sure you never forget who your Princess is. Hehe. I like to role play and I love girls with pretty feet too. Lets do a two girl session soon, your choice to pair me with! Join me at the XP parties and play with my pretty tootsies!
Miss Augustina
Karissa     19 / 5'5" / 7.5
Hello guys, I'm Karissa, I'm a 19 y.o. college student and cam girl...I love to model my sexy feet and long legs! I'm brand new to foot fetish and I cant wait to schedule my 1st appointment here at XP. I'm also gonna be at the upcoming XP party so make sure you are there! My feet are always freshly done up, I keep them very soft and smooth for you. I love wearing heels to enhance my silky long legs and to drive you guys crazy! Hehe ;) I'm very down to earth, fun and super bubbly!! I like to think of myself as a pretty cool, interesting individual with a lot to offer. I think you will love my style and my super sexy total package. Come play with me soon. My feet are ready and waiting for you!
Love, Karissa <3
Actual Member Testimonial - March 22nd, 2014:

Mistress Xana, my name is Dave and I'd like to commend you and all the Ladies of the Palace for giving myself and my fellow brothers of feet a place to come and indulge in our LOVE of the female foot. I just found your site today and when I'm physically able to (I have MS) I will definitely plan to attend a party-or several! In the past, Ive gone to MANY footnight parties, but due to the over crowding of guys and less Ladies, I quit going. Im hoping your parties will be a breath of fresh air (so to speak lol). Again a big THANK YOU to ALL you Ladies and I hope to serve you all shortly, in the meantime, keep up the great work! Humbly, Slave Dave of Monterey, Ca

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