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Welcome to Xana's Palace! XP is an elite site featuring my hottest real-life girlfriends! We're an unstoppable group of models & girl-next-door types, 18-30 yr olds who all have a common passion for foot fetish! This site embodies female independence and celebrates the beauty and elegance of the female foot. You're not going to find this total package anywhere else.


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Kayla     24, 5'5", 7.5
Super excited to be here! I'm Miss Kayla. I have adorable size 7.5 feet. I'm ready to make you a very happy foot boy for my sexy painted toes and sensual soles. We can book some one on one time at XP and talk all about your love of feet and how we can fulfill each others fetish for feet! I love to have mine pedicured and pampered. I love to smother and make you kiss them. If you think you can handle a mistress like me let's book some time soon.
XOXO, Miss Kayla
Diamond     18, 5'2", 7
Hello world! I'm Diamond and I'm happy to be here. My feet are cute and petite and ready to be adored. I will paint them any color you like.. just ask Xana and request a private session with me soon. I have tons of shoes for sale as well.
Love, Miss Diamond
Natasha     19, 5'4, 7.5
Hello. I'm Natasha, 19 year old student who loves to have my feet worshiped. When I came across this site, I was so excited cause I've always had men love and adore my perfect, soft, supple size 7.5 feet. I have been told I have soft saquishy soles and high, sensual arches. My toes are always kept neat and clean.. pretty nail polish that is always fresh. My availability for bookings is currently wide open. Lets book something soon. I'm excited to hear from you asap!
kisses, Natasha
Aaliyah     18, 5'7, 12.0
Hi guys...I'm an 18 year old student/model and love to model my large teen, size 12 feet! Yep I have some huge luscious feet and I love showing them off! Hehe I really have a foot fetish and I'm naturally dominant. I know exactly how to put you right where I want you. Don't be fooled, I may be young but I know how to use my sexy feet to control you and make you my foot boy for life! My availability is late afternoons on most days.
Cant wait to play! Aaliyah
Mindy     20, 5'3", 6.5
Hello there! Well well, it's so nice to make my way to XP and be surrounded with admirers of feet!! I too have a liking for feet. I love to keep my very pretty anfd flawless! I am more than ready to show just what I mean! Don't be fooled.. I may look young and innocent, I do know how to have a good time and I know what I would like to do with you AND to you, with my feet hehe. Why don't you come here and tell me what you like to do with feet. I'll be right here ready and waiting. Don't make me wait too long foot boy! I want you to be my foot slave, and serve me and my sexy feet daily. Think you could handle that? Prove to me just how bad you want them. Call and schedule me right now! Love.. your new foot princess.. MM
Sweet lil foot kisses, Mindy
Roxee     25, 5', 5
Hello world. My name is Roxee. I was referred to XP thru an existing model and I'm so glad to be here! I'm ready to model my lil size 5 petite feet for you and get he pampered! I'm on my poor lil feet often as a manager, I tend to put in long hours in my work flats so if given the chance, I'll be more than happy to book an appointment and fulfill your sexy redhead foot fantasies. I think my hair and my sweet lil feet are my most fabulous attributes. If you agree than let's set something up asap. I'm ready and waiting at the palace.
Hugz, Roxee
Dakota     36, 5'2, 6.5
I'm Dakota ya'll. 36 yrs young, most people think I'm 26 thou. I have very soft smooth legs and petite lil feet. I have been told often I have very sexy feet and toes. I would love to model them for you soon. I'm flexible and available for session right away. Let's book a private session and find out more about what we both love about my feet LOL.. I can't wait for you to enjoy my pretty feet and my curvaceous latin legs. Oh and I LOOOVE modeling heels and stocking, so if you also love all those sexy feminine features, foot and legwear, let's get together soon! Love your latin foot Goddess...
LOVE ME, Dakota
Xana     33, 5'4, 7.0
Hello Gentleman! Welcome to my Palace! I'm Xana Star... I'll be happy to introduce you to the foot model of your dreams! I feature the most stunning young college girls and girl-next-door types in the Phoenix Valley. We are all real life Goddesses and enjoy being worshiped, so take your pick among 40 + ACTIVE, sexy models who are very excited to hear what turns you on most about feet. You must be a member to enjoy all the unique benefits of XP so contact me personally or join today! This is the only site of it's kind... with so many ways to explore your foot fetish, you won't need to go anywhere else!
XOXOX, Xana*
Ahlix     21 / 5'3" / 8.0
Hello Foot Club! I'm Ahlix! Glad to see so many wonderful foot members aboard the Valley's hottest foot palace! I am not new to fetish or to feet. I have a passion and good understanding of how it all works! I enjoy attending parties and doing any kind of foot or leg worship session. I am a massage therapist so I know a good massage and love when I'm on the other end being pampered. Maybe we can exchange techniques and enjoy a session soon! Muahhhh
XOXO, Ahlix
Actual Member Testimonial - Aug 13th, 2014:

Hello Mistress Xana, Im a member of the past and have been to a couple of your parties. I did have the extreme pleasure of worshipping your feet at one party. You are very beautiful and I enjoyed your company, your feet, and had a great time at the party. I think Xanas Palace is awesome and the best thing ever for foot guys in the valley. I have not partaken in any parties or sessions in awhile, but I always read your emails and look at pictures of all of the perfect models! Believe me, I would love to be having sessions multiple times a week and going to every party. Anyway I just want to thank you for providing and continuing to move forward with Xanas Palace. Maybe someday real soon I can attend a party or have sessions. Also, last but not least, I hope you have an incredible birthday! May all your wishes come true. Sincerely A foot lover for life P

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  • Where is XP located? We are conveniently located off the Red Mountain 202 FWY and Gilbert Rd in Mesa, AZ.
  • Which models are available to book? Click on MODEL SEARCH and select the ACTIVE filter to see which models are available for bookings.
  • Is this legal? Yes, we do not break any AZ or Gov laws what's so ever.
  • Will there be anyone watching my daily foot session? No, the sessions are private with only you and the model. Your female hostess will be off in a separate room.
  • What does a session cost? VIP members pay - $85/ half hr. $150/ full hr. Basic members pay - $95/$170.
  • Are there any discounted days? Yes. EVERY Tue, Wed and Thur we offer $10/$20 off those rates.
  • Once a member how do I book a session? Just call me and I'll do all the work for you to book the models of choice. 480-331-9262
  • Go to the extended FAQ page.
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