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Ashley     25, 5'5, 8.5, INACTIVE
Hello Foot Fans out there! I'm Ashley, a 25 year old artist and painter. I have done some other foot fetish work in Chicago and I really love it.. so here I am in AZ seeking out more foot fetish work. When I found Xana I applied and I am so glad to be part of the team! It's been a fun time so far. Looking forward to getting more sessions and attending more parties. Totally love having my feet pampered, rubbed, kissed, licked and worshipped! I've been told I have soft pretty feet with high arches. They always get me lots of attention. You can give them some attention if you like. My favorite thing about my feet is my toes, I love keeping my polish neat and love having each one kissed. What do you like most about feet?
Girl next door, Miss Ashley
Ella     35, 5'7, 9, ACTIVE
Hi Guys! I'm a 35 year old Realtor. I love to model and love to stay fit. I'm an outgoing girl who knows how to get what I want and deserve. I've been having a blast these past few weeks at XP. What are you waiting for? Join, book and be underneather my sexy size 9's asap!
Your foot Foot Goddess, Ella
Rosanna     24, 5'9, 9, ACTIVE
Hi there. I'm Rosanna I'm a 24 year old student. I love keeping my feet super soft and pretty. When I discovered XP I just had to become a model and showcase my perfect size 9's for all to enjoy! I'm loving the idea of a strong pair of hands on my feet. After walking around campus all day, they get veryh tired and need some lovin'. Let's go guys, call Xana, book a session. It's so easy and you've definitely come to the right place. I'm excited to about the upcoming party, see you there?
Foot Princess, Rosanna
Claire     30, 5'5, 8.5, INACTIVE
Hello XP! I'm Claire. I'm a 30 year old Server. I can't wai to be on the othr side of things being the one who has a man at her foot worshipping and being taken care of. I'm a total girly kinda girl. I love pedicures, heels, dresses and keeping fit and pamered. XP is perfet or me and I know you will think so too! Can't wait to book some 1 on 1's with ya!
Foot Goddess, Miss Claire
Billie     27, 5'6, 8, ACTIVE
Hey there guys, I'm Billie! I'm a barteneder by trade and have been looking for a new industy to dabble in. I love the thought of having a man at my sexy size 8 feet, kissing my soles, nibbling my toes and keeping me happy with lots of worship, massaging and caressing my perfect pedi'd feet. I'm excited for the upcoming party so I can meet any new clients and mingle in between foot sessions. What a perfect environment XP has to offer. I feel right at home here and you will toe.
Your Foot Goddess, Miss Billie
Josie     37 5'2, 5.5, ACTIVE
Hi guys! I'm Josie, hope you're all enjoying Xana's Palace as much as I am. It's fun and refreshing to be a part of a female empire where we are adored and appreciated and at the same time you guys can partake in the excitement! I'm originally from the Philippines. I was born there and came to America to get some good education and relax and enjoy a life most Island people dont get. I have cute petite size 5.5-6 feet and have a lucky man foot technician who always does my feet so beautifully. I have a fun, bubbly personality. I seem to get along with almost everyone. I'm stoked about the upcoming party.. will you be in attendance? I hope so.. and I can't wait to meet everyone!!
Your sexy lil Filipino angel, Miss Josie
Kasha     29 5'5, 7.5, INACTIVE
Hello all fantastic foot men out there!!!!!! You should feel so lucky you have finally found your home here with all of us XP gals! WE LOOOOVe guys who love feet. If you have been searching for a Palace full of beautiful women who love feet as much as you do, then you have found it! I personally love to have a man at my foot, worshipping all the pretty little curves and creases. I love to let you worship those cute wrinkles too and be careful, I'm quite ticklish. My feet are a perfect and petite size 7.5. I have narrow soles, high arches and pretty toes and toenails which are always kept nice and neat. I love wearing foot accessories and can't wait to model my new heels for ya. Book me today! I hope to do a full hour but will consider a half hour, (I have a long commute to the Palace). I'm so excited, I can't wait to book with you soon!!
Love - Your new foot princess, Kasha
Candie     24, 5'8, 9.5, ACTIVE
Hey Guys, I'm already having a blast here at XP! I was brand new to foot fetish when I found XP and now I'm totally addicted to having my feet worshipped. What girl doesn't love having her feet massaged, kissed and touched by a pair of strong, deserving hands?!? You'll find dozens of gorgeous girls just like me to have some foot-fun with. When are you gonna come worship my sexy legs and feet? They are all yours, I'm ready when you are..
Candie, XOXO

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Member Testimony - Sept 24th, 2016:

Hi Xana, Just wanted to let you know that I had a great time today--better than I even expected. My only regret is that I didn't book a session sooner now that I know what I was missing! Ella is a real sweetheart, we really hit it off. She made me feel comfortable and allowed me to enjoy myself--she is beautiful inside and out. It was also a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for providing the service you do. Looking forward to my next session; I will definitely be booking on a regular basis. Doug

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Member Testimony - Sept 23rd, 2016:

I was a bit nervous as I entered the palace for a foot party, but I have to say, the girls made me feel at home and super comfortable immediately after entering. Some folks might not understand our passion for feet, but the girls certainly do, and it's not just the gorgeous toes and beautiful faces, but their personalities make the whole experience unforgettable. If you're on the edge and considering attending a party, give it a try! It's about what you would spend on dinner and a movie at a nice place, but this way, you have a date with 8 or 10 instead of 1....:) totally worth it..Mike

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Member Testimony - July 5th, 2016:

What a great experience! The location was in a very nice residence. The star was Starr. I was blown away by her beauty along with her beautiful feet. She could be a model. She had a great, down to earth personality to match. Xana has done a great job. I will return as soon as I can. Neal

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Member Testimony - May 22nd, 2016:

Xana, Thanks so much for setting up my appointment tonight. I appreciate your allowing me to come in a little later. Candie was delightful. I'm so happy I got to spend the hour with her. Everything about her was perfect. Again, I can't thank you enough for setting up the appointment with Candie. It was the highlight of my weekend! I just received Candie's socks (they're incredible, by the way). Made me wish I'd taken her shoes, too. ;) Ted

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Member Testimony - April 2nd, 2016:

Hi Xana - I really appreciate you following up with me. That is what a real business person does, follows up with their clients. I really admire that in you. That is what will entice me to come back. That and your beautiful models. You gotta be kidding me...Candie and Kasha...GORGEOUS!! My gosh, you're making it hard for me to stay away. I just might have to come up with a reason to get back out to AZ sooner than anticipated. I had an awesome time at the Palace, especially with Starr. She was phenomenal!! Please make sure you let her know that; I don't remember if I mentioned that to her before I left that day. In any instance, thanks for doing what you are doing. I actually loved being out in AZ. I will definitely be in touch with you when I get back out there. You were such a gracious hostess and a lovely person and look forward to seeing you again. Mike

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