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Aya     18, 5'2, 6, ACTIVE
I'm Aya! I'm a school teacher by day and foot fetishist by night. I am always keeping my pretty feet and toes ready for some worship. I have lots of free time right now so let's plan some sessions and get to know each other soon!
Muahhhh! Aya
Fiona     24, 5'6, 8, ACTIVE
Hi Foot lovers! I'm Fiona. I'm a Mesa, AZ resident! I love to sing and act.. so the custom video gigs on XP have been exciting and so much fun! I have found that modeling my feet was more fun than I thought. Something about showing off my sexy size 8's is a way to channel my dominant inner self. HEHE! I'm more the girl-next-door so, let's role play soon and bring the natural Foot Goddess out of this shy innocent girl. Sound like a plan?
XOXOX, Fiona
Sasha     19, 5'7, 8.5, INACTIVE
Hello everyone who visits Xana's Palace. My name is Sasha. I'm a 19 year old college coed. Studying Psychology. This fetish is most intersting to me cause of what I do. I can't wait to hear about what is intriging most to you about feet. I'm still learning so I will get batter as time goes on and once I get a few more sessions uner my belt. LOL Let's have a session soon!
Hugs, Sasha
Char     31, 5'6, 11, INACTIVE
Hello guys! I'm Char. I have sexy, shapely size 11 feet that are always super pretty. I love to paint my toenails red or pink and love getting massages. If you enjoy a taller girl with larger feet, I think we'll make a good match. I'm a little ticklish on them and of course I can't get enough foot worship. Let's play soon!
Your Size-11-Foot Goddess, Char
Melody     21, 5'2, 6, ACTIVE
Hi I'm a professional ballet and hip hop dancer. I love staying active and being creative. I found XP and I'm so excited about it! Let's do a session together soon so I can find out all the things that you love abut feet...
XO, Melody
Faith     27, 5'5, 6, ACTIVE
Sexy, sophisticated, 27 yr-old Egyption, Foot-Goddess here to bring your ultimate fantasy to life! My petite feet are prepped and ready to please. Tell me what you are into and I'll tell you what I love most about men who love feet. Let's find out what we have in common at Xana's Palace.
See you soon! Faith!
Carmela     31, 5'2, 6.5, INACTIVE
Hello XP! I'm formerly a dancer and I love fun modeling gigs! I have petite feet that are feminine with a cute, curvy sexy shape. I'm the type that loves to keep them unique, pretty colors and I get a pedi every chance I get. I'm ticklish on them so be ware, caress with caution. HAHA I might squirm a lil if you find that certain spot!
Love, Carmela
Jewel     24, 5'3, 6, ACTIVE
Hi I'm Jewel. I was referred by my good friend Cybele! So grateful to be part of the Valley's only foot fetish club! Super cool place to wrok and hang out with other foot fetishists and models. This is the place to be if you have a love of feet and enjoy beautiful, smart women. Can't wait to meet you and have you spend some time under my feet!
Lovies, Jewel

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Actual Member Testimonial - March 22nd, 2015:

I've never been happier with XP, its a wonderful experience every time I get down there. The Models are Beautiful, open minded,fun to be around and most importantly, they enjoy having a man at their feet (who hopefully does a proper job for them. I always feel well received by the Ladies down there, respect goes a LONG way-NEVER forget that! Mistress,Im VERY proud and humbled to be a small part of your company ‎:) I guess it's just my way to say THANK YOU and that you are making a difference in people's lives for the better-at least you have in mine! Thank you for your continued hard work in striving to make XP THE place to be for all foot fetishist and see you again soon, Slave Dave

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